China Telecom Tianyi Anti-harassment registered users exceeded 200 million

According to the official announcement of China Telecom, as of December 2021, the number of registered users of Tianyi Anti-harassment exceeded 200 million. According to the official introduction, "E-Surfing Anti-harassment" is a new generation of cloud protection technology adopted by China Telecom to provide users with autonomous interception management services such as interception of harassing calls, marketing calls, international long-distance calls, custom number segments, and blacklists.

Since its launch, the number of user registrations of “E-Surfing Anti-harassment” has grown exponentially, intercepted 570 million harassing calls annually, and secured 72.17 billion calls in total.

"E-Surfing Anti-harassment" has been continuously optimized and upgraded. Various functions such as marking complaints and international long-distance call interception have been launched successively, and "E-Surfing Anti-harassment +" has been launched, adding services such as strange interception, interception verification, and incoming call verification.

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