Chinese made tax all-in-one machine equipped with Loongson 3A5000 is released

In order to further promote the application of domestic intelligent service equipment in the tax industry, Loongson Zhongke and its ecological partners launched a domestic tax integrated machine to help "contactless" intelligent tax service and continue to improve intelligent services. ability. The full implementation of "replacement of business tax with value-added tax" has further standardized the business of issuing invoices for enterprises. For public service units such as water, electricity, and heating, which have a high demand for issuing invoices, how to improve service levels, reduce work pressure at service windows, and reduce labor costs has become a must for enterprises. face and solve problems.

At present, users mainly conduct business processing and payment through business hall windows, mobile apps, bank wire transfers, etc. If they need to obtain invoices after payment, they can only manually issue paper invoices or obtain electronic invoices through the smart terminal App. Only electronic invoices can be issued but cannot be printed, and they cannot directly meet business requirements such as invoice reimbursement. The all-in-one tax machine launched by Loongson Zhongke and its ecological partners can realize the one-stop issuance and printing of all kinds of special, ordinary paper invoices and electronic invoices, which saves the cost of enterprises and facilitates the majority of users.

The tax all-in-one machine is equipped with the Loongson 3A5000 processor, which can be combined with different peripherals to form an integrated solution with corresponding functions according to different application requirements. Smart self-service devices for applications. The built-in Godson 3A5000 processor in the tax all-in-one machine supports a wealth of self-service peripherals, such as touch screen, password keyboard, ID card reader, binocular camera, barcode recognition module, laser printer, thermal printer, etc., fully satisfying tax Smart service requirements.

The multi-functional domestic taxation machine can realize comprehensive taxation services, including invoice application and issuance, document processing, employment declaration and payment, employment and social security inquiry, social security arrears inquiry, urban and rural residents declaration/payment/social security inquiry, social security certificate printing, etc. It can meet various business needs such as taxation, social security, and government affairs.

The all-in-one tax solution based on the Loongson platform has the characteristics of "high reliability, high security, multi-function and all-round":

  • High reliability: The overall realization is based on independent technology, the risk of the whole machine is controllable and the operation is stable.
  • High security: The software and hardware platform based on independent technology can protect business security in an all-around way.
  • Multi-function: It integrates the functions of inquiry, payment, invoicing, printing, etc., and can handle multiple business transactions in one machine, without changing the window and queuing many times.
  • All-round: A variety of different functional models can cover a variety of application scenarios to achieve a full range of business handling services.

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