Hon Hai plans to expand production of iPhone precision components in Ganzhou

Hon Hai Group announced on January 26 that its subsidiary Henan Yuzhan Precision Technology Co., Ltd. acquired the equity of Fulian Precision Technology (Ganzhou) Co., Ltd. with a total transaction value of 5 billion yuan. Hon Hai pointed out that the purpose of the acquisition is a long-term investment.

According to the "Economic Daily" in Taiwan, China, the fund allocation of the internal subsidiary of Hon Hai Group is mainly to implement the iPEBG product business group affiliated to Fii in August last year and Jiangxi Ganzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone to negotiate investment in smartphone components. With Hon Hai's funds in place, the next step is to produce iPhone -related precision components in Ganzhou, Jiangxi.

Hon Hai's financial report released on January 5 showed that the company's self-settled revenue for the whole year of 2021 was NT$5.94 trillion, an annual increase of 10.86%, a record high and better than market expectations.

Looking forward to this year, driven by the continued popularity of Metaverse and cloud services, industry insiders are optimistic that Hon Hai's cloud network product line is expected to continue to grow strongly, and the revenue trend of semiconductor products will also continue to pay attention.

In addition, in the fourth quarter of last year, Hon Hai's revenue reached NT$1.83 trillion, a quarterly increase of 30.60% and an annual decrease of 8.69%, setting a second-highest record in history; December revenue reached NT$660.7 billion, a monthly increase of 6.27%. Year-on-year decrease of 7.44%.

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