Huawei: Chinese first Ascend & Euler Eco-Innovation Center was unveiled in Wuxi

The 2022 Taihu Bay Technology Innovation Belt Binhu Innovation Conference was held on January 1 in Wuxi. At the meeting, Huawei and the government of Binhu District jointly unveiled the Wuxi Shengteng & Euler Eco-Innovation Center.

The center of this inauguration is the country's first landed Ascend & Euler Eco-Innovation Center.

According to reports, Wuxi Shengteng & Euler Eco-Innovation Center focuses on ecological cultivation and industrial development around the two root technologies of Shengteng AI basic software and hardware platform and Euler open source operating system , aiming to build a public computing power service platform and an application innovation incubation platform , Industrial aggregation development platform, scientific research & talent training platform, providing full-stack independent innovation of Shengteng AI software and hardware platform, operating system, development framework, toolchain, and deep learning platform.

Euler is an open-source operating system for digital infrastructure, which can be deployed on servers, cloud computing, edge computing, embedded devices, and other various forms of equipment. Its application scenarios cover IT (Information Technology), CT (Communication Technology), and OT (Operational Technology). ).

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