Intel B660 motherboards can also support non-K processor overclocking using the BCLK OC function

Der8auer, an overseas player, had previously tried on the Z690 motherboard and successfully overclocked Intel's i5-12400 processor without the K suffix to 5.2GHz, with a performance increase of 33%. The player continued to explore, bought two ASUS B660 motherboards, and also successfully turned on the BCLK OC function to achieve overclocking.

It turns out that both ASUS ROG STRIX B660-I and ROG STRIX B660-F motherboards support BCLK overclocking. The motherboard with B660 chipset is much cheaper than Z690, and it has a high cost performance with 12th generation Core i5 processor .

It should be noted that Der8auer said that this feature has only passed the test on the B660 motherboard with DDR5 memory, and has not tried the motherboard with DDR4 memory.

Screenshot of the BCLK overclocking function in the motherboard firmware:

BIOS of the B660 motherboard is different from the Z690, there is no intuitive BCLK OC option, and it needs to be set manually . After the setup is complete, it may take more than 1 minute to boot up for the first time , so please be patient.

In terms of running results, after the i5-12400 processor is overclocked to 5GHz, the multi-threaded performance of the R20 is close to that of the AMD R7 5800X, with a peak power of 117W.

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