Intel game stand-alone perspective photo exposure

Not long ago, Intel's independent game display Arc DG2 code-named Alchemist believed that the video memory specification information was exposed, and now Twitter user kuna shared a photo, which shows the internal structure of the Arc DG2 independent display. This photo shows the Intel DG2-384 GPU, which is a mid-to-high-end model in the series. It contains six GDDR6 memory modules on a single chip, each with a capacity of 2GB, a total of 12GB, and a speed of up to 16Gbps. At the same time, the word SAMSUNG can be seen in the details of the photo, indicating that the Arc DG2 graphics card uses Samsung's GDDR 6 memory particles.

According to previous reports, the flagship 512EU version of Arc DG2 has 16GB GDDR6 memory, the default rate can reach 16Gbps, the 256-bit bit width can achieve 512GB/s bandwidth, and the I/O voltage is 1.35V. The 384EU version has 12GB GDDR6 memory, the default speed can reach 16Gbps, the 192-bit bit width can achieve 384GB/s bandwidth, and the I/O voltage is 1.35V. This exposure photo should be from this one.

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