Intel releases i9-12900KS: the highest core frequency is 5.5GHz

At the Intel press conference early this morning, Gregory Bryant, executive vice president, and general manager of the client computing division of Intel Corporation announced the new i9-12900KS and said that it will be shipped by the end of the quarter.

According to reports, the S in i9-12900KS stands for Special. i9-12900KS is equipped with 8 large cores + 8 small cores. The single-core turbo frequency of the large core can reach 5.5GHz. During the multi-core workload, all the large cores can maintain more than 5GHz, and during the game workload, all the large cores can reach 5.2 GHz.

Intel said that the chip has already been put into production and is ready to be released to OEM customers later this quarter.

In 2019, Intel released i9-9900KS, priced at 4299 yuan, which can provide up to 5.00 GHz all-core turbo frequency. Intel has not released a KS version since the i9-9900KS. The i9-12900KS will be the first KS model of Intel Core for the last three generations.

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