Intel will launch a patch for Linux

Intel released multiple patches for the Linux operating system to help improve the performance of Alder Lake through P and E kernel scheduling.

With the release of Intel’s 12th-generation Core Alder Lake series of CPUs, people have found that the performance of the new CPU in Windows 11 is more efficient than in the Linux operating system. This is because Linux does not fully support Intel's Thread Director technology, which allows the operating system to correctly access the high-performance Golden Cove kernel and the energy-saving Gracemont kernel.

Phoronix reports that Linux currently uses an algorithm to plan the kernel used by the ITMT / Turbo Boost Max 3.0 driver. Since Linux tends to have higher performance, it will call the high-performance Golden Cove kernel more often, thereby reducing the usage rate of the Gracemont kernel.

The latest patches are currently in the revision stage, and it has not been determined whether these patches will be part of the upcoming Linux 5.17 update or will be released sometime this year.

After the official release, Linux will be able to better schedule Alder Lake cores and get performance improvements.

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