iQOO 9 mobile phone uses independent display chip Pro

 iQOO mobile phones released iQOO 9 and iQOO 9 Pro mobile phones this evening. The iQOO 9 series is the first to be equipped with a new generation of Snapdragon 8 mobile platform and is also equipped with an independent display chip Pro, bringing a smooth and refreshing game experience with high frames and low power consumption. By inserting frames in the game, you can experience 90 or even 120 frames of content first. In addition, it also has the effect of reducing power consumption and stabilizing the frame rate. Long-lasting high-frame games, the performance is still stable. High-frame games now support a variety of popular games.

The iQOO 9 mobile phone uses a 3923 square millimeter large area heat plate to cover the fuselage. Two split-flow power pumps ensure the heat dissipation of the chip. The waterfall VC three-dimensional heat dissipation system further accelerates heat transfer. At the same time, it is equipped with panoramic portholes to integrate the camera design while resisting heat.

The iQOO 9 mobile phone is upgraded to a 6.78-inch Samsung 120Hz E5 flexible straight screen with a 1.7mm extremely narrow frame. The visual experience has evolved again, and the straight screen control has improved the gaming experience. The local peak brightness can reach 1500nits, and the screen content is still clearly visible under strong light conditions.

The iQOO 9 mobile phone is equipped with a full-sensing control system 3.0, and the dual-control pressure-sensing area under the screen has been further increased; two X-axis motors with greater steady-state vibration, 4D game vibration is adapted to "Tianyu" and "Ace Racing" And so on, bring a shocking feel; the closed three-dimensional double lift, the amplitude is consistent, and the sense of hearing is more balanced.

The iQOO 9 series will become the official KPL game machine in 2022, and continue to climb the peak with KPL players. In addition, the iQOO 9 series brings the e-sports coach function, which can count the operation index for you, which is clear at a glance and makes good progress.

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