Meta executives responded to the rumors of "stopping the development of VR/AR

Meta has stopped the development work project XROS of the VR / AR device operating system in November 2021. Sheeva Slovan, a spokeswoman for Meta and communications manager for the company's metaverse project, Reality Labs, denied the claims.

It is reported that the XROS project started in 2017, and as of the end of last year, the project team has more than 300 people. Sheeva Slovan said: "We have not stopped nor scaled back the business of building and developing deepin. The team continues to make progress and we continue to invest in building AR glasses and wearables to realize the Metaverse vision."

In addition, Reality Labs vice president Gabriel Aul confirmed this, tweeting: "We are pursuing multiple technical directions to build the Reality Labs operating system, and have invested a lot of money and resources." And added: " We are not only Instead of shrinking the team, but it is also growing it, and people from all walks of life are welcome to join us.”

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