MSI announces the price of RTX 3050 graphics card

NVIDIA RTX 3050 graphics card began sale, and now MSI has announced the price of its RTX 3050 graphics card. The MSI RTX 3050 GAMING X 8G is priced at 2,899 yuan, and the single-fan RTX 3050 AERO ITX 8G is priced at 1,899 yuan. The price of Wantu Shi has not yet been announced.

Official introduction:

Equipped with MSI's iconic TWIN FROZR 8 dual-fan cooling design; the new Blade 6 fan adopts a unique annular fan blade design, which can make the airflow more concentrated, coupled with the assistance of airflow guidance technology, to achieve better cooling performance, and Can reduce noise.

The RTX 3050 VENTUS continues the appearance style of the RTX30 series and adopts a dual-fan cooling design. It is the main cost-effective choice. The graphics card has removed the RGB lighting effect so that the graphics card returns to the previous form. Players who do not like light pollution should not miss it.

MSI AERO ITX series can be said to be a boon for ITX host enthusiasts. It is specially designed for performance small steel cannons. It controls the size of the graphics card to a single fan and ensures the high performance of the graphics card while reducing the size. If you want to have one, you can always bring it with you. Take the host, then it can definitely meet your needs.

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