NTU: ArF photoresist has been certified at multiple technology nodes at the same time

NTU Optoelectronics stated on the investor interaction platform that at present, ArF photoresist has been certified at multiple technology nodes at the same time, and the 14nm technology node has not yet been involved.

Nanda Optoelectronics also stated that the company's orders for MO source and electronic special gas products are currently saturated. ArF photoresist can be used in the integrated circuit manufacturing process of the 90nm-14nm technology node. The company's current research and development products include dry photoresist and immersion photoresist.

In terms of MO source, in addition to making progress in the research and development of MO source 2.0, the company has also increased its research and development efforts in high-purity, low-silicon, and low-oxygen trimethyl aluminum, and has also made key progress, helping the MO source business from LED to IC , Lay the foundation for the upgrading and transformation of the new energy industry. In terms of precursors, in addition to the R&D and industrialization of customized products, the R&D and industrialization of the silicon precursor patent purchased from the DuPont Group last year are progressing smoothly.

In terms of electronic special gas, the quality of the newly upgraded ultra-high-purity arsine product has surpassed the technical level of the current international advanced counterparts in the test of downstream customers. Qi has leaped to the forefront of the world. The research and development of gas mixing are also progressing relatively well, and it is actively responding to the upgrading needs of the new energy industry and the semiconductor industry.

It is reported that in terms of quality control equipment for the photoresist business, NTU has purchased some testing equipment, including lithography machines, which are also used to detect photoresist, which belongs to the detection of lithography performance, which is part of quality control. For other areas such as purity and particle size testing, NTU Optoelectronics produces special electronic materials, and we have a deep technical foundation in the past. In terms of staffing, in order to better communicate with customers, we have hired experienced lithography engineers to manage the quality control part of the photoresist. In terms of photolithography collagen materials, our strength at NTU is to do synthesis, so we have the ability to synthesize monomers. Some of the monomers have been industrialized by some domestic companies, and they do not belong to the materials that are stuck in the neck. We directly purchase domestic ones; for some special and high-tech key monomers, we design, synthesize, and prepare them ourselves. Therefore, it can be said that the monomers for preparing photoresist have been localized.

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