Nvidia RTX 3050 is infinitely stronger than GTX 1650

Nvidia updated the official website of its upcoming GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card , which showed a new "performance" comparison chart, one of which was particularly striking.

As you can see from the chart below, NVIDIA officially compared the RTX 3050, GTX 1650, and GTX 1050 graphics cards. In the comparison of the two games "Control" and "Minecraft", the frame numbers of the latter two are 0 .

According to the official explanation, both games are in the RTX ON state, that is, the ray tracing and DLSS quality modes are turned on , and the frame number of the RTX 3050 exceeds 60 frames.

Nvidia may have made such a seemingly worthless comparison to reflect that the 50 series can also turn on ray tracing and DLSS. After all, these two functions are missing in the GTX 1650 and GTX 1050 graphics cards, so no matter how you measure it, it is 0 frames.

This chart has been discovered by foreign technology bloggers and has caused many ridicules. Jarrod Walton of Tom's Hardware also made a more exaggerated comparison chart to satirize.

The RTX 3050 graphics card starts at 1899 yuan and will be available on January 27. In terms of parameters, RTX 3050 will be equipped with the same GPU core of RTX 3060, enable 2560 CUDA core, accelerate frequency of 1.78GHz, equipped with 8GB 128bit GDDR6 video memory, and consume 130W of graphics card power.

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