Nvidia RTX 3050 will go on sale tomorrow

NVIDIA RTX 3050 will be officially launched on January 27, with a suggested retail price of 1,899 yuan from the Bank of China. According to British media OC3D, on the day of its debut, less than 1,000 copies were sold at the suggested retail price in the UK.

Foreign media pointed out that they have been discussing Nvidia’s RTX 3050 with retailers and other sources over the past few days. Now, foreign media have confirmed that the suggested retail price of this graphics card in the UK is 239.99 pounds (about 2049.51 yuan), and the original price of the graphics card on the first day was less than 1,000.

Bobantang's news said that the domestic first launch of the RTX 3050 from various graphics card brands is mainly online, and the channel will ship after the Spring Festival. In terms of supply, it is reported that the first shipment of the RTX 3050 is more, and it is predicted that it can be on the same order of supply as the GTX 1650 series.

In terms of parameters, RTX 3050 will be equipped with the same GPU core of RTX 3060, enable 2560 CUDA core, accelerate frequency of 1.78GHz, equipped with 8GB 128bit GDDR6 video memory, and consume 130W of graphics card power.

At present, multiple running points of the RTX 3050 have flowed out, and the data shows that the performance of this graphics card is slightly higher than that of the GTX 1660 SUPER.

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