OPPO's new fast charger 3C network access up to 160W protocol

An OPPO power adapter model VCK8HACH has now passed the national 3C quality certification, produced by Huntkey, and supports up to 20V 8A 160W fast charging protocol.

Input: 100-120Vac, 50/60Hz, 1.9A Output: 5Vdc, 3A / 11Vdc, 7.3A Max / 20Vdc, 6.25A Max; PDO: 5Vdc, 3A / 9Vdc, 3A / 12Vdc, 3A /15Vdc, 3A / 20Vdc, 2.25A; Input: 200-240Vac, 50/60Hz, 1.9A; Output: 5Vdc, 3A / 11Vdc, 7.3A Max / 20Vdc, 8A Max PDO: 5Vdc, 3A / 9Vdc, 3A / 12Vdc, 3A /15Vdc, 3A / 20Vdc, 2.25A (only for altitudes up to 5000 meters)

In this regard, @Digital Chat Station revealed that the three new flagships of the Find X5 series are still up to 80W fast charge, but OPPO's first new phone with a 6C battery system is also on the way. In addition, the Red Magic 7 series will be equipped with a 165W super flash charge as standard, and the new OPPO phone will not be earlier than this.

He also said that the new flash charging solutions of the Oga Group at this stage including 80W+4500/5000mAh, 150W+4500mAh, and higher super-100W+4500mAh solutions are waiting for commercial use, and the mass-produced models are already on the way. Bring more surprises.

Realme launched 125W smart flash charging technology in 2020, and the 4000mAh battery can flashback to 33% in 3 minutes, but it has not actually been mass-produced yet.

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