Physics teacher disassembles his own Apple iPhone 11 for lecture

Recently, a physics teacher in Xinyang, Henan, in order to better explain the physical knowledge behind wireless charging, disassembled his iPhone 11 on the spot during his online class, which caused netizens’ complaints to pay attention.

According to the introduction, when the teacher talked about the application of certain physical knowledge in life, he especially talked about the wireless charging mobile phones we use. Now many mobile phones have a wireless charging function, and the principle behind this function we are accustomed to is actually hidden in the physical knowledge we have learned. When it comes to wireless charging mobile phones, the teacher even used his iPhone 11 as lecture material, disassembled it directly, uploaded the pictures to the courseware, and then told everyone steps by step which part corresponds to which knowledge point. Seeing the dismantled iPhone 11, I believe everyone will sigh: too hard.

In addition to dismantling the iPhone 11, the teacher also dismantled his own induction cooker live to explain the principle of eddy current in detail. After the dismantling, the teacher also reminded the students not to dismantle it at home, it is more dangerous. With such a dedicated teacher, I believe that no matter how difficult the knowledge can be learned!

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