Qualcomm: The Windows ARM computer market is developing slowly

The sales of Windows ARM computers did not meet the expectations of Microsoft and its partners. As the Qualcomm manager reported, part of the reason is that the price is too high. In an interview with Golem, Qualcomm Senior Director Miguel Nunes said: " One thing we are not satisfied with the early devices is that they are unreasonably priced ."

Nunes said that the pricing depends on the OEM. For example, the first-generation Microsoft Surface Pro X is priced at $1,000, while the Samsung Galaxy Book Go is less than $500.

The first batch of Windows ARM computers on the market cost four figures (USD), which is obviously not cost-effective compared to the performance of the device. In the future, Qualcomm hopes to develop its own chip design to cover a wider range in terms of performance and price. However, it is expected that the first batch of marketed products will not be launched until the end of the year.

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