Quanta shipped 75.3 million notebooks for the year

Quanta’s revenue in December 2021 reached NT$124.746 billion, a new monthly high. At the same time, this performance also drove its annual performance to a new record of NT$1.13 trillion, compared with 2020. an increase of 3.53%.

According to the report, Quanta’s notebook shipments in the fourth quarter of last year and the whole year reached 19.9 million units and 75.3 million units respectively. Benefiting from the increase in high-end notebook computer shipments, Quanta’s monthly revenue performance in the fourth quarter of previous years was mostly good. , but it is difficult for shipments to reach a new high, but 2021 will be very different from previous years under the influence of the epidemic and the shortage of semiconductor components.

In terms of shipments, Quanta shipped 6.8 million laptops in December, down 200,000 units from November. Shipments of 19.9 million units surpassed the high point in the fourth quarter of 2020 and set a new all-time high. As a result, notebook shipments for the year climbed to 75.3 million units, with an annual growth rate of 25.9%.

Quanta joked that Quanta has continuously created new "Quanta obstacles" in the past two years. Facing the fourth quarter with a very high base period, Quanta said that the orders for notebook computers and servers in the first quarter were very strong, and it is expected The off-season is not slow. Although logistics and component suppliers are still challenging, the quarterly decline in shipments should be far lower than the 15% quarterly decline in the flat period. However, can the shipments of notebook computers in the first quarter of 2021 be reproduced? The quarterly decline is only 3.5%, which is difficult to say at present.

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