Ricoh unveils new Theta X camera that shoots 5.7K 360-degree video

Ricoh had a new 360° panoramic camera that appeared on the FCC certification platform. Now, this camera has been released, the new Theta X. The Theta X features a pair of back-to-back cameras with 180° fisheye lenses to capture a 360° view of the scene around the photographer in one shot, and for the first time in the device series, a 2.25-inch 360 x 640 resolution display allows direct viewing of the framing screen, you don't need to pair the mobile app to see the viewfinder screen as before.

In terms of image shooting quality, Theta X is equipped with a 7-lens camera with a maximum sensitivity of 3200, supports HDR function, and can take indoor bright light photos with 11K resolution, or images of other scenes with 5.5K resolution. For video, you can shoot videos at up to 5.7K resolution (5760 × 2880) at 30 fps, or 6K at 60 fps.

The Theta X runs an Android-based operating system while allowing third-party developers to customize plug-ins to extend the camera's capabilities. To further enhance the Theta X's functionality as a standalone camera, Ricoh has also designed a replaceable rechargeable battery for it, while supporting Micro-SD cards. The camera also supports Bluetooth connectivity, built-in GPS, and support for A-GPS. The camera costs $800 and will be available starting in March.

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