Samsung launches new environmentally friendly TV remote control

After launching a solar-powered environmentally friendly remote control for its 2021 TV, Samsung has launched a new version of the remote, called Eco Remote, which uses a very special technology. 

Like the previous environmentally friendly remote control, this new remote control can be charged by solar energy, but Samsung has also added an RF harvesting function to this remote control , allowing the remote control to collect and convert the radio waves from the router. Charge for energy" . Many electrical appliances do not use this technology, mainly because it is only practical for low-power devices, and remote controls fall into this category.

In addition to the new RF acquisition function, Eco Remote can be charged through outdoor and indoor light or through USB-C. Samsung also launched a white version, which the company says is to better match its "lifestyle" TVs such as The Frame, Serif and Sero.

Like Samsung's original remote control, the purpose of the new environmentally friendly remote control is to discard AAA batteries. Samsung previously estimated that switching to solar remote controls could reduce 99 million waste batteries within 7 years. Samsung has also explored other methods for self-charging the battery, such as "using the kinetic energy generated when shaking the remote control" and "using the vibration energy generated when the microphone receives sound."

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