Samsung re-evaluated packaging production line FOWLP production investment plan

Samsung Electronics originally planned to invest about 200 billion won in its Cheonan factory to build a fan-out wafer-level packaging (FOWLP) production line for the packaging of the Exynos series of application processors, but this plan is currently being questioned by high-level executives and is facing renewed efforts. evaluate.

According to TheElec, sources said that Samsung Electronics' general manager and general manager of the chip division Kyung Kye-hyun, the test system packaging department head and executive deputy general manager Chang Sung-jin, the packaging development department executive deputy general manager Choi Kyong-se and others Recently, they jointly attended a high-level meeting of the company. At this meeting, the high-level people expressed doubts about this investment plan.

They believe that even if a FOWLP line is established, the capacity will not be fully utilized because demand cannot be guaranteed without reliable customers. Key potential customers, Samsung Mobile and Qualcomm, also had a lukewarm response to the plan, as these customers believe that the performance of the application process can be improved using the current PoP packaging, and the overall cost is lower than that of FOWLP.

If FOWLP's investment plan goes as planned, the packaging technology will first be applied to the successor to the recently introduced Exynos 2200 processor, the sources said. But another problem is that the existing PLP production line at its Cheonan factory is currently falling short of Samsung's expectations. But in the long run, Samsung may still expand FOWLP capacity.

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