Samsung released M8 smart display

Samsung recently released the M8 smart display, equipped with a 32-inch 4K screen, support as a smart home central control, and cloud gaming. According to the official introduction, the M8 smart display is similar to the models currently on sale and can provide functions similar to smart TVs, including providing access to streaming media applications.

The thickness of the display is 11.4 millimeters, and Samsung says its thickness is much thinner than previous models. The display is also equipped with a magnetic removable SlimFit camera, which can be connected to the display for video calls. Samsung has also integrated SmartThings IoT Hub into the M8 . Users can view the floor plans of various smart devices and control them directly from the smart display. Samsung said that M8 also has a new feature called Workspace, which collects work-related network services (such as Microsoft 365) into an intuitive center.

Another new feature of the monitor is Game Home, which turns the M8 into a cloud gaming monitor . Samsung said that users will be able to use the M8 to stream games from game streaming services and even connect a wireless controller to it. Samsung told The Verge that it will share more information about this feature when it is released later in 2022.

Samsung did not announce the price and release date of the display, and we are expected to see it at CES 2022.

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