Samsung's 2022 smart TVs will support cloud gaming

Before the official opening of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year, Samsung announced its vision for the next generation of smart TVs, including cloud computing-based game services and video chat while watching TV. And new features such as NFT.

Samsung said that the company’s 2022 smart TVs will be equipped with a new “Smart Hub” that allows users to switch between different entertainment services, including media, “Gaming Hub” games, and “environment” Service, that is, displaying artworks, photos and other information on TV.

For gamers, the most eye-catching feature of the new TV will be the cloud game discovery platform "Samsung Game Center", which is powered by Tizen. Through this platform, cloud game services can provide their game library directly to the TV. Samsung today announced the cooperation with Nvidia GeForce Now, Google Stadia, and Utomik, and said that more cooperation will be introduced in the future.

Users of Samsung TVs can browse available games through the Game Center, search for and purchase games, and immediately run their favorite games. Samsung said the gamepad can also be paired with the new game center. In addition, users can easily access YouTube, follow their favorite anchors, and watch game content.

Some of Samsung’s 2022 4K and 8K TVs and gaming displays will also support the new HDR10+ gaming standard, which will bring HDR gaming experience with low latency, variable refresh rate, and high refresh over 120Hz.

Samsung's new "Game Center" will be launched later in 2022, and users can access the game center through the main navigation menu for categories such as games, media, and lifestyle.

Adding cloud gaming functions to smart TVs is not unique to Samsung. LG said last year that it would introduce Nvidia GeForce Now and Google Stadia to its WebOS smart TVs. In addition, Amazon Luna currently supports its Fire TV, while Google Stadia supports a series of smart TVs, including products from LG, Hisense, TCL, Philips, and other companies. Users can also access these services through streaming media set-top boxes.

In addition to cloud games, Samsung’s new smart TVs in 2022 will also follow other trends in the industry, including watching entertainment with friends and buying and selling NFTs.

In the early days of the new crown virus outbreak, many people were looking for new ways to socialize due to the restrictions of quarantine measures, which promoted the rise of services and functions for co-watching entertainment programs. These services and functions support users to watch entertainment programs with relatives and friends. Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Disney+ have all launched a co-watching feature that allows users to watch movies and TV shows at the same time in different locations. Recently, Apple also launched SharePlay through FaceTime and supports Disney + and other streaming media applications.

Samsung is also following this trend and launched its own new application "Watch Together" (Watch Together) to support friends and family members while watching movies and TV while video chat.

Another new feature of Samsung Smart Center is the support for NFT. Later this year, Samsung will provide an application through the smart center to support users to discover, purchase and trade their own NFT artworks on MICRO LED, Neo QLED, and Frame TV models.

Samsung detailed the so-called "world's first TV screen-based NFT browser and market aggregation tool". "As people's demand for NFT continues to increase, the need to solve the fragmentation of the current environment for viewing and purchasing NFT has never been so urgent." Through this Samsung app, users can browse, preview, purchase, and display their own support on the TV. Some NFT works.

The display of NFT will be optimized through Samsung's smart calibration function. This feature will automatically adjust the TV’s display settings to comply with the NFT creator’s recommendations. As users research NFTs, they can also view the history of the corresponding NFT and blockchain metadata.

As to which companies Samsung will work with and which models of TVs will support this new feature, Samsung did not provide more information. Therefore, Samsung seems to have not finalized all the details about the application. In addition, it is not clear at this time how much demand is for ordinary users to access NFT from the TV screen.

In addition to the new services in the Smart Center, Samsung's 2022 smart TVs will also support accessories such as auto-rotating wall mounts and brackets. These accessories support screen rotation and enter vertical mode. Samsung Smart TVs can support new lifestyle features in the vertical mode, such as Ambient Mode+ and Art Mode, while better supporting third-party applications such as YouTube.

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