Samyang 135mm f / 1.8 features some specs revealed

Samyang's New Year greetings contained a clear hint of a new high-aperture fixed focal length lens coming out this year. A still image from a video posted on Instagram shows a lens on which, with a very strong desire, you can see the markings saying that the focal length is soon only 135 mm, and the aperture opens to f / 1.8. And although the manufacturer did not say a word about the new product, some of its characteristics have already appeared on the network.

According to the source, the lens is built with 13 elements in 11 groups. The minimum focusing distance is 0.7 m. The lens is designed for filters with a diameter of 82 mm. The largest diameter of the objective is 93.4 mm, the length is 129.6 mm. The product weighs 764 g. It is known that the lens will be offered in several versions with different mountings. It is not yet known what exactly these options will be, but among them, there will definitely be a variant with a Sony E mount. For it, a weight of 950 g is given.

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