Sony releases HT-S400 sound bar speaker

Sony today released the HT-S400 echo wall audio overseas. This product is equipped with a subwoofer. This product has Dolby sound,  S-Force PRO front surrounds sound technology, and the output power can reach 330W. The matching wireless subwoofer has a 160mm diameter unit, and users can connect the audio through a Sony Bravia TV and set it up.

The Sony HT-S400 speaker has a built-in Bluetooth connection function, but only supports SBC encoding, and the sound quality is poor. Therefore, the best sound quality can be obtained by connecting through HDMI and optical fiber. The speaker body integrates a small OLED display that allows you to change settings and more directly on the screen.

This speaker can emit sound waves directionally through multiple speakers, and reach the human ear through room reflection to achieve a virtual surround sound effect. The built-in algorithm of the product can improve vocal clarity. The product retails for 270 euros (about 1919.7 yuan) and will go on sale in April 2022.

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