TCL Huaxing: The world's fourth largest mobile phone panel shipments

TCL started on the investor interactive platform on the issue of "what is TCL's market share in mobile phone screens", T3 production line LTPS mobile phone panel shipments remained the fourth in the world, product and customer structure. Continuous optimization has improved the profitability of the production line. The trend of domestic transfer and head concentration of the semiconductor display industry pattern is clear; the company maintains good cooperation with excellent companies in the industry chain, and currently shows a good trend of localization in the industry chain.

TCL also stated that CSOT's high-end gaming display shipments are expected to reach second place in the world in 2021. The products include a 34-inch fish screen with an ultra-wide horizontal ratio, a 27-inch curved screen with a curvature of 1000R, and a 32-inch screen with a refresh rate of 240Hz. Inch high refresh rate, etc. Continue to deploy in high-end products such as 2K and 360Hz, and will further increase the market share of e-sports display products in the future.

It is understood that TCL's small-size business currently maintains good cooperation with global brand mobile phones: T3 products are continuously upgraded in technologies such as blind holes, narrow bezels, under-screen fingerprints, and dynamic frame rates, and orders are in short supply; T4 has a deep layout of folding screens and under-screen With differentiated high-end technologies such as cameras, product competitiveness, and customer structure continued to improve.

Regarding "TCL's core competitiveness and future development plan" and other issues, TCL replied that the company's main business structure is semiconductor display business, semiconductor photovoltaic and semiconductor material business, industrial finance, and investment platform, and other businesses. At present, the company's development path is clear, its operation is efficient, and its culture is distinct. Under the professional operation, the profitability of the company has been greatly improved, and the company's core competitiveness and sustainable development capabilities have been continuously improved. The company's core competitiveness mainly includes ① leading scale: the global panel leader superimposes the industry cycle with an upward two-wheel drive and rapid growth in performance; ② technology and ecological leadership: actively deploying next-generation display technologies and materials to build a first-mover advantage with ecological leadership; ③ management Leading: TCL CSOT takes the lead in global efficiency and crosses the cycle with relative competitiveness; ④New strategic track: deploying semiconductors and photovoltaics, opening the second growth curve; ; ⑥Organization and cultural guarantee: to create a "world leading way" and strengthen the corporate cultural genes.

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