TCL Technology: The first phase of the t4 flexible OLED production line has reached full production

An investor asked TCL Technology on the interactive platform whether the company was considering launching a flexible screen brand, and asked its world's first 125-inch P12 glass-based transparent direct display MLED and the country's first 75 Whether the inch P0.6 oxide am direct display MicroLED TV is completed in conjunction with Leyard.

TCL Technology replied that the company's t3 products are continuously upgraded in technologies such as blind holes, narrow bezels, under-screen fingerprints, and dynamic frame rates, and orders are in short supply; the company's t4 flexible OLED production line is currently 15K in the first phase and has achieved full production, and the second and third phases Complete construction. The company said that t4 has a deep layout of differentiated high-end technologies such as folding screens and under-screen cameras, and the product competitiveness and customer structure have continued to improve, and it has been introduced to global first-line brand customers one after another. He is very optimistic about the development prospects of mainland manufacturers in the emerging OLED display industry.

Regarding whether to join forces with Leyard, the company replied that the company continued to increase investment in research and development around new display technologies such as Mini LED, Micro LED, printed OLED, and QLED, and improved industrial ecological construction through self-research, joint research and development, and strategic cooperation.

It is reported that TCL ranks second in the world in the market share of large-size display products and will continue to increase, and ranks first in the industry in the high-end market share of 8K ultra-high-definition, high refresh, and super-large size. LTPS notebook market occupies second place, LTPS tablet market occupies first place, MNT e-sports market share second, IWB market share first; e-sports screen market ranks second, with fish screen e-sports ranking first, the business structure continues optimization. The company takes technological innovation as the core driving force of enterprise development.

In the first three quarters of 2021, TCL's R&D investment was 6.5 billion yuan, an increase of 51.1% year-on-year, accounting for 5.4% of operating income, focusing on the development of new display technologies such as Mini LED, Micro LED, printed OLED, QLED, G12 large silicon wafers and shingles 3.0 combined with the improvement of the leading photovoltaic technology platform, the process improvement of 8-inch and 12-inch semiconductor materials, and the pre-research, collaboration and establishment of industrial ecological alliances for the upstream core nodes of the industry chain. TCL CSOT has reached cooperation with brand customers on displays and notebook products equipped with Mini LED backlight to expand new VR/AR display products.

A few days ago, TCL founder and chairman Li Dongsheng revealed in his award-winning speech that TCL Group's revenue in 2021 has reached 250 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 100 billion yuan year-on-year.

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