Tesla Cyber ​​Whistle is on the shelves of China

The Cyberwhistle whistle and portable wireless charger that Tesla recently released overseas are now on the shelves in the country, and the prices are respectively 350 yuan and 489 yuan.

Tesla said that the limited edition Cyberwhistle whistle is inspired by Cybertruck and is made of polished medical-grade stainless steel, which is of great collection value.

Officials said that this portable wireless charger only needs to place devices that support Qi charging technology on the charging board to quickly and safely replenish power. The user can use the wireless charging base of the Tesla vehicle or other wireless charging devices to charge the charger. The charger has a rated capacity of 10,000 mAh. The product package also includes a Type-C charging cable, which can support wired charging. Available in luminescent silver, deep-sea blue, Chinese red, pearl white, and pure black.

Both products are now on the Tesla China official mall and are already on sale.

The overseas prices of Tesla's Cyberwhistle whistle and portable wireless charger are US$50 and US$70, respectively.

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