The acquisition of Shichuang by Global Crystal is blocked

German silicon wafer manufacturer Siltronic AG (Siltronic AG) said that it is only three weeks before the deadline for Global Crystal’s acquisition of Siltronic. Still unclear, and no clear solution on how to alleviate antitrust concerns.

Shichuang also pointed out that if the German economy ministry fails to approve it by January 31, the deal may not be completed. It is reported that GlobalWafers announced in December 2020 that with its subsidiary GlobalWafers GmbH, it will publicly acquire all the outstanding shares of Shichuang, and will obtain a 70.27% stake in Shichuang within the statutory public acquisition extension period as scheduled, completing the acquisition target.

In addition, according to the latest progress in the public acquisition of German silicon wafer fab Siltron updated by Global Wafer on October 22 last year, Global Wafer has completed the review by the anti-monopoly authorities in the United States, Singapore, Germany, Austria, South Korea, and other regions and the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. , and the remaining regions are actively cooperating with relevant competent authorities in their review procedures.

A few days ago, foreign media reported that the State Administration for Market Regulation in mainland China has expressed that it is basically satisfied with the anti-monopoly remedies proposed by Global Crystal, and may make a formal decision in the short term. Global Crystal said that the company does not respond to the review progress of a single competent authority, nor does it provide any forecast information to the outside world.

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