The cost of photovoltaic modules in China will drop by 10% on average

The cost of photovoltaic modules in China has ushered in a decline, and the price of silicon materials has dropped by an average of 10%, which will help the growth of the photovoltaic industry in 2022. A person in charge of a photovoltaic company said that in October 2021, silicon wafers, the downstream products of silicon materials, hit the highest price in 10 years. In order to continuously ensure the output and supply of components, the company has built its own silicon wafer production line.

A person in charge of a company said that the terminal market and application market of the photovoltaic industry has been increasing. After the price of silicon material fell, the price of the most commonly used type of silicon wafer also fell by 15% to 0.83 yuan per watt. The cost of silicon wafers in all modules accounts for nearly 50%. Therefore, the total cost of photovoltaic modules has also dropped from the highest of 2.1 yuan per watt in 2021 to the current 1.9 yuan per watt, a decrease of 10%.

According to the data of the National Energy Administration, although the photovoltaic industry has experienced a sharp rise in prices in 2021, due to the continuous decline in the cost of photovoltaic power generation in my country over the years, the photovoltaic power generation in 2021 will reach 325.9 billion kWh. It has increased by 25.1% year on year, and the growth rate has remained above 20% for many consecutive years.

In 2021, my country's photovoltaic power generation will achieve grid parity, and the national average photovoltaic power generation price will be 0.35 yuan per kWh.

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