The exclusive customized version of vivo WATCH 2 smart watch iQOO is released

Vivo previously officially released the Vivo WATCH 2 smartwatch, priced at 1,299 yuan, with three colors of the black, white, and silver wing. At today's iQOO 9 series mobile phone conference, the exclusive customized version of the Vivo WATCH 2 smartwatch iQOO was released. The price is 1,249 yuan, which saves 50 yuan and adds a strap.

Vivo WATCH 2, now also has iQOO's exclusive customized strap and dial, including the leather strap "Silverstone", "Burning Engine" and the nylon braided strap "Journey", as well as the matching dials of the three straps, each with a sense of speed, Put on the new equipment, bravely embark on the exploratory journey.

If purchased separately, the Journey strap is priced at 169 yuan, and the Ranqing and diamond straps are priced at 199 yuan.

According to reports, Vivo WATCH 2 supports independent communication, and in a typical scenario of independent communication, it can achieve an ultra-long battery life of 7 days. In a typical scenario with independent communication turned off, the battery life can reach 14 days.

In addition, it is also launching online NetEase Cloud Music and Online Himalaya for the first time in the long-life smartwatch industry, without the need to import music from mobile phones.

The Vivo WATCH 2 smartwatch has dozens of built-in sports modes, and users can choose before exercise. The 50-meter waterproof design makes swimming possible; the Vivo WATCH 2 smartwatch can provide real-time guidance and professional follow-up testing during exercise; after exercise, pass Professional algorithms perform scientific analysis, and communicate with WeChat Sports, synchronize to the WeChat Sports rankings, and attach the Vivo watch logo.

It is reported that the Vivo WATCH 2 smartwatch can monitor the user's health around the clock, including continuous blood oxygen monitoring, all-day heart rate monitoring, etc., and can automatically synchronize the data to the mobile phone to facilitate user traceability. The Vivo WATCH 2 smartwatch can also provide lifestyle guidance such as stress monitoring, body vitality values, and reminders to drink water.

The vivo WATCH 2 smartwatch uses CPC cardiopulmonary coupled sleep analysis technology, which can more accurately determine the stage and proportion of sleep, even if it is a nap at noon, it can accurately record it.

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