The official version of Huawei's mobile phone EMUI 12 system has begun to push

The official version of Huawei's mobile phone EMUI 12 system has begun to be pushed. Currently, it is limited to internal beta users to upgrade, and it should be received in the future. Some Huawei Mate 40 Pro users have received the EMUI 12 system update, the specific version is 12.0.218 (C432E2R6P4), and the download package size is 1.04 GB. The log shows that this time you will update to the EMUI 12 system. The EMUI 12 system will bring you a concise and refined interface appearance, a convenient and unified multi-device control center, and a smart collaborative experience for more devices. It is recommended to update.

Below is the update

Innovative interaction
  • Font: It supports stepless font-weight change, and you can adjust the font size and thickness through the slider to satisfy your reading habits with a comfortable viewing experience.
  • Light imitation design: Use simple tones, with light and shadow changes, to create an innovative interface that comes to life.
  • Large folder: Long press the folder where the application is stored on the desktop can be displayed as a large folder, and the application in the large folder can be directly accessed by clicking the application icon in one step, which is more convenient to use.
  • Notification Center and Control Center: Swipe down from the top left of the screen to enter the notification center to view notification messages; swipe down from the top right of the screen to enter the control center to conveniently use the shortcut switch. With the added audio playback control center in the control center, you can cast audio across devices, and you can easily switch playback applications.
Smart life in all scenarios
  • Collaborative Security: A new collaboration authentication function with Huawei laptops is added. When the mobile phone and the laptop are in collaboration, the mobile phone can be unlocked by entering the mobile phone lock screen password on the laptop computer, which is both safe and convenient.
  • Cross-device file management: Access files across devices without cables.
  • Shared by Huawei: Huawei's share transfer speed has been further improved. Quickly and securely share files between Huawei phones, tablets, and laptops.

In August last year, Huawei's overseas official website launched a publicity introduction to the EMUI 12 system. It brings features such as design, control center, device intelligent collaboration, distributed file system, smooth communication, performance retention, and security.

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