TrendForce investigation: ASML factory fire may impact EUV-related optical components supply

A fire broke out in an ASML factory in Berlin, Germany on January 2. According to the preliminary survey results of TrendForce, a city survey agency, about 200 square meters of the 32,000-square-meter factory area was affected by the fire. It mainly manufactures the optical related components needed in the lithography machine.

TrendForce Consulting pointed out that at present, the factory supplies more EUV machines for components and foundries, and the demand for foundry is the majority. If there is a delay in the delivery of components due to the fire, it is not ruled out that ASML will give priority to the main output to support the foundry orders.

ASML previously issued a statement saying that it is too early to issue a statement on whether the damage or whether it will affect its production plan. The company plans to spend a few days to investigate and make a comprehensive assessment.

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