US carriers terminate Apple iPad Pro / mini and Apple Watch rebate plans

In order to promote the sales of Apple devices, Verizon and T-Mobile have cooperated with Apple to launch a rebate program. Operators will pay for iPad Pro, iPhone 13, and Apple Watch Series 7 Discounts are given for new equipment. Unfortunately, after many users complained about not getting the appropriate discount, the operator decided to stop the plan.

In addition to all the anger on social media, one of the most important people discussing this controversy is Bloomberg's Mark Gulman. In November last year, he even said, "This transaction was not paid", referring to the $100 rebate program for Apple Watch.

Now, as discovered, Apple has ended its iPad Pro rebate program. The media also confirmed that with the end of this plan, the operator has ended the Apple Watch plan and the iPad mini-plan. As of now, customers can only get operator discounts when they purchase a new iPhone 13 series.

"Neither operator made it easy to apply for a tax refund. T-Mobile/Sprint requires the watch to be activated in a new specific plan; then the buyer must visit a microsite within 30 days and enter the promotional code, and finally wait six to eight weeks, Received a rebate in the form of a $100 virtual prepaid Mastercard. Verizon requires activation on the new postpaid data plan; complete online or app application within 30 days; then wait 8 weeks to receive a Verizon gift card."

But Gullman said on Twitter that some T-Mobile customers were told that the promotion did not exist.

Others responded that they had similar difficulties with Verizon. Gullman commented that the tax rebate is the only reason some people think it is worth buying.

As the new year begins, Apple may promote similar transactions to allow users to upgrade to the rumored new iPad Pro. So far, analysts believe that the company will expand the Mini LED display technology to 11-inch models and increase the wireless charging function on the back of the glass.

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