Vivo founder Shen Wei delivered a 2022 New Year's speech

On January 24th, 2022, Shen Wei, founder, president, and CEO of Vivo, delivered a 2022 New Year speech entitled "Embrace users, pursue the ultimate, and create surprises". Shen Wei reviewed the achievements of Vivo's technological innovation in 2021 and looked forward to 2022.

He said that 2021 is a year of great significance for Vivo and the first year of qualitative change for Vivo. 2022 will be the most challenging year for the smartphone industry, but no matter whether it is good or bad, we must not forget our original intention, we must return to being user-oriented, dare to pursue the ultimate, and continue to create surprises.

Looking back on 2021, Shen Wei believes that 2021 will be a year of great significance for Vivo. It has achieved some achievements, seen many problems, and precipitated more thinking. If you look back in ten or twenty years, 2021 may be the first year of qualitative change for Vivo.

In 2021, Vivo has written design-driven into its values ​​and updated its corporate mission, proposing to create great products for users. In 2021, the iQOO 8 series made a significant breakthrough in the 4000+ market for the first time, and the Vivo X70 pro+ released in September was widely recognized by the market. Vivo has increased its exploration and investment in cutting-edge technologies and basic capabilities and established the "Vivo Central Research Institute" at the beginning of the year. In places where users can't see, Vivo is still immersed in the cause. Advanced new technology laboratories and research institutes such as user innovation laboratory, chip laboratory, analog network laboratory, and Qianjing security laboratory have been established one after another. The seeds of technological innovation One by one were planted.

On the four long tracks of design, imaging, system, and performance, the steady advancement of the technology R&D Audio-Technica has also frequently yielded fruit. Vivo has the first self-developed chip V1, which greatly improves the user's experience of using images. Vivo and global imaging strategic partners have jointly created the Vivo Zeiss joint imaging system, which has contributed to the uniqueness of the Vivo X70 series in the market.

Shen Wei said: "The biggest gain of Vivo in the past year is that it has taken another step in the right direction. However, this is not enough."

Looking forward to the future, Shen Wei believes that 2022 will be the most challenging year for the smartphone industry, but no matter whether it is good or bad, we must not forget that Vivo has established a world-class corporate culture and values; created world-class great products and services for users; The three major dreams of building a world-class great brand that is exciting and loved. To realize the three dreams, we must return to being user-oriented.

How can we make everything user-oriented? Shen Wei proposed that the first is to always put users first and embrace users with heart; the second is to adhere to technological innovation, pursue the ultimate, and create surprises; the third is that marketing communications and services must always follow the changes of users.

Shen Wei said that all of vivo's work will be carried out with users as the core, returning to various scenarios to gain insight and research on the real needs of users, and define products that meet user needs or even exceed user expectations. At any time, competition-oriented, cost-oriented, parameter-oriented, efficiency-oriented, etc. must not override user-oriented. Enterprises that abandon users will eventually be abandoned by users and cannot be healthy for a long time.

Shen Wei emphasized that user orientation is the biggest and most important orientation among all subdivisions of vivo's values.

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