White noise changes after Google Nest Hub upgrade, and a substantial number of customers complain.

The Google Nest Hub's second-generation smart speaker supports Google Assistant, the Google voice assistant, and users may ask it to play white noise using voice commands to aid focus and encourage sleep. According to international media 9to5google, the timbre of white noise has altered following this smart speaker's system upgrade, and many users do not like the sound of the new version.

Many consumers have claimed that the new white noise of the Nest Hub's second version is lower and deeper. Furthermore, the sound loops every 10 minutes, as opposed to every hour earlier. Nearly 100 complaints have been filed on the product's official community and Reddit sites, requesting that Google restore the traditional white noise soundtrack. Some people went so far as to extract the original white noise file and upload it to Google Drive. If the audio is published to YouTube Music, customers will still be able to listen to it on the smart speaker after the upgrade. Users who want to restore the original white noise sounds can offer comments using the Google Home App, according to foreign media.

In addition to white noise, Google also provides 13 additional background audio options : 

  • Relaxing sounds
  • Nature sounds
  • Water sounds 
  • Running water
  • Gurgling streams
  • Fans
  • Burning fireplaces
  • Forest sounds
  • Country night sounds
  • Ocean sounds
  • Rain
  • Rivers
  • Thunderstorms

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