Winter Olympic Village smart bed attracts onlookers

The Beijing Winter Olympics will open on February 4. On January 23, the Winter Olympic Village ushered in a pre-opening village. Many details in the Winter Olympic Village have attracted the attention of netizens, including Many black technologies, such as the smart bed in the Winter Olympic Village, are good examples.

According to the People’s Daily Online, the smart bed in the Winter Olympic Village is made of memory foam and has its own alarm clock push-up function. After downloading the app and setting the time, the smart bed will automatically take off and land when the time is up, thereby reminding the athletes to get up. Moreover, the smart bed also has the function of intelligent recognition. If the athlete snores while sleeping, it can automatically adjust the height of the head of the bed after recognizing the athlete snoring, thereby alleviating the snoring.

Even more exaggerated, the smart bed is also equipped with remote control, which can adjust the sleeping and sitting postures of athletes according to different scenarios to provide the best support for the athletes' spine. According to the introduction, this bed can sense even if a feather is dropped.

In this regard, some netizens ridiculed that this kind of bed is recommended to be extended to major universities, which is simply an artifact for collective dormitories, and even more conscientious netizens directly said "up link", it seems that they are deeply troubled by snoring.

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