Xiaomi Redmi K40 pushes MIUI 13.0.3 stable version

The Xiaomi Redmi K40 mobile phone recently released the MIUI 13 stable official version update 13.0.2, which officially brings a series of new features. Some users reported that the new version of the system has a flashback problem when playing the "Light Yu" game, and it is necessary to turn off " MIUI optimization " in the developer options to run normally.

On January 29, Xiaomi successively pushed the MIUI 13.0.3 update for the Redmi K40, which fixed the flashback problem of "Light Encounter".

The MIUI 13 full card swipe package size of the Redmi K40 mobile phone is about 4.2 GB. MIUI 13 optimizes the fluency of system applications and head third-party applications at the bottom level, improves the fluency of the desktop, and enhances the user experience. The newly added Mi Miaoxiang function can realize the seamless transfer between the Mi tablet and the mobile phone. Through the tablet, you can continue to use the mobile application and realize the clipboard exchange.

In terms of privacy, MIUI 13 has added a document privacy watermark function to intelligently identify sensitive documents; a full-link fraud protection function has been added, including functions such as electronic fraud warning, official logo, and risk transfer protection. The mobile phone has added an incognito mode, which can prohibit all recording, positioning, and photographing permissions after it is turned on.

At present, the MIUI 13 upgrade channel has not been fully opened for Redmi K40 / Pro mobile phones. Some users tried to download the full package to update, and an error message appeared.

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