Zhengzhou Foxconn is rarely recruiting workers in the off-season

Foxconn recruitment WeChat public account released recruitment information to recruit regular workers for Zhengzhou Foxconn. It is rare for Foxconn in Zhengzhou to start high-paying jobs in the off-season, which has attracted a lot of discussions in the industry.

In terms of recruitment software, Foxconn in Zhengzhou Port District offered very "attractive" salary conditions for this recruitment. It can be seen that Foxconn workers in Zhengzhou Port Area have set up three recruitment policies this time. In addition to the hourly worker policy of 27 yuan/hour and the temporary worker policy of 26 yuan/hour, there is also a repayment policy. At 4000-5500 yuan, you can get a rebate of 10,000 yuan if you work for 55 days and work for 90 days. In this way, if you enter the factory as hourly workers and temporary workers, the monthly salary is 7,000-9,000 yuan, and if you enter the factory as repaid workers, you will have at least 22,000 yuan in salary after three months.

In addition, it can be seen in the recruitment information that Foxconn will also issue a label with a fee of 400 yuan to the employees who pass the interview. It will be returned to the employee salary card next month. In addition, Foxconn also provides employees with free standard accommodation for 4-6 people with entertainment, air conditioning, hot water, etc., as well as laundry services, and also provides employees with allowances and bonuses during holidays.

This is the second time in just two months that Foxconn's Zhengzhou plant has started recruitment after the large-scale recruitment in December last year. According to relevant analysis, Zhengzhou Foxconn’s recruitment is to meet the peak season demand generated by the iPhone 13 Lunar New Year, and also to prepare for the shortage of manpower caused by the coming wave of migrant workers returning home.

Zhengzhou is Foxconn's largest iPhone production base in mainland China. Foxconn's Zhengzhou factory has more than 90 production lines and 350,000 workers. About half of the world's iPhones come from the Zhengzhou Foxconn factory. The legal person pointed out that Foxconn accounts for about 65% to 70% of the overall supply of the iPhone 13 series, and Foxconn is the exclusive assembly supplier of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. With the strong demand for the iPhone 13 Pro, Hon Hai’s Q1 performance will also be motivated.

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