China: Apple prioritizes production of iPhone 13 series, iPad delivery time

New data shows that due to a global chip shortage, Apple is prioritizing the production of the iPhone 13 , and iPad buyers have to wait up to 9 weeks for delivery. 

As Apple CEO Tim Cook said, although Apple can generally do better than most companies in terms of global chip shortages, the company has also had to choose to cut iPad production. Now new data suggest that this is still the case.

Nikkei Asia has been tracking delivery time information for the iPad, and as of January 28, 2022, the 64GB version had an average wait time of 50 days in 25 countries and regions, including the US, China, and Japan, up from 12 last year. 55 days of the month improved.

However, 50 days is just an average, and according to Nikkei Asia, buyers of a 256GB Space Gray iPad in the Philippines will have to wait 63 days. In Malaysia, buyers of the same model have to wait 54 days.

Importantly, the data from Nikkei Asia also shows that wait times for the iPhone 13 have improved significantly. Currently, wait times for some unspecified models are around 10 days, up from more than a month in late 2021.

Tim Cook said in October 2021 that continued supply shortages cost Apple an estimated $6 billion in lost revenue.

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