Qualcomm: Cooperating with Xiaomi and ZTE to realize the world's first independent networking 5G+5G dual-card dual-pass (DSDA)

Qualcomm announced that it has cooperated with ZTE and Xiaomi to use a Xiaomi demo mobile phone equipped with a Snapdragon 5G modem and radio frequency system, and use concurrent connections to ZTE network equipment to achieve the world's first independent networking 5G+5G Dual SIM Dual Access (DSDA) live network call and data connection.

According to reports, with the help of the Snapdragon 5G modem and radiofrequency system, 5G mobile phones can connect to different networks to the greatest extent, so that the mobile phone can be compatible with multiple dual-network configurations at the same time.

At the upcoming 2022 MWC Qualcomm booth, Qualcomm will work with partners to demonstrate this product technology innovation. In January, Qualcomm also announced the world's first demonstration of a smartphone with new iSIM technology , which allows the functionality of a SIM card to be incorporated into the device's main processor.

iSIM is GSMA compliant and allows for increased memory capacity, enhanced performance, and higher system integration. Previous eSIM cards required a separate chip, but with the introduction of iSIM cards, a separate chip is no longer required, eliminating the proprietary space allocated for SIM services, embedded directly in the device's application processor.

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