Samsung has thoroughly investigated the flow of funds in the foundry business overnight

Samsung Electronics recently launched a rare internal investigation into its own foundry yield rate. Industry insiders said that in addition to conducting an in-depth investigation into "were several large sums of money originally planned to improve yields were used", Samsung also suspected that the production reports of their semiconductor foundries were fabricated.

Samsung recently conducted some management consulting for the Semiconductor Business and Device Solutions (DS) division, focusing on yield issues at 3, 4, and 5nm.

Samsung's internal executives revealed that the foundry business had an influx of orders, but in the end, it was unable to deliver due to low yields. Even Samsung's executives began to doubt "whether the foundry yield is too low?" Get started on this.

It is reported that the recent business diagnosis focus of the DS department is aimed at the current and former senior personnel of the DS department, including whether the previously submitted process yield report is untrue, and whether the huge funds for improving the yield have been used correctly.

Industry officials said that it is not easy for Samsung's foundry business to enter advanced processes such as 3nm and 4nm, and this rare review of the foundry business deserves relevant investors and the industry to pay close attention to the development of the situation. Regarding various rumors in the industry, Samsung officials only said that this management consultation is a routine matter, and it is not yet possible to share the detailed schedule, content or results of the consultation.

Samsung internal executives added that they will examine what current and former DS division chiefs say about semiconductor foundry yields and how the huge sums of money used to improve foundry yields are implemented.

South Korean media also recently reported that Qualcomm has decided to shift its Snapdragon 8 Gen1 orders to TSMC for production (or the Plus version) because of the low foundry yield of Samsung Electronics, and the follow-up 3nm chips will also be available. The full amount is entrusted to TSMC.

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