The Steam Deck console will not ship with an official dock and will be sold separately

The first orders for Valve's handheld gaming computer Steam Deck will start shipping this Friday, but the company's official dock for the device will not be available at that time. In an article about the Steam Deck release date, Valve said it plans to offer a Steam Deck dock in late spring.

Valve's official Steam Deck website describes the dock as: "The official dock acts as a stand for the Steam Deck and connects to an external monitor, wired network, USB peripherals, and power at the same time. If you have a spare powered USB-C hub handy, also available. Official pedestal sold separately. Official pedestal sold separately."

According to Valve's Steam Deck FAQ, docking the Steam Dock will not improve its performance, "Steam Deck runs at full performance in portable mode."

Steam Deck is currently available for pre-order for customers located in the US, Canada, EU and UK, with more information on pre-order regions to be announced shortly.

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