Tianjin integrated circuit industry chain in 2021 increased by 56% year-on-year

According to the Tianjin Broadcasting News Center, the added value of the integrated circuit industry chain in Tianjin in 2021 will increase by 56% year on year, ranking first in the growth rate of 12 key industry chains. At the beginning of this year, despite the impact of the epidemic, the integrated circuit industry chain still maintains a strong momentum, and the output value from January to February is expected to increase by more than 17% year -on-year .

It is reported that in 2021, Tianjin will deeply implement the strategy of "building a city with manufacturing industry", adhere to the industrial chain as the core starting point, fully implement the "chain-length system", and focus on 12 key industrial chains such as innovation and high-end equipment, and gradually develop new industries. Chain preparation work plan, advanced industrial foundation, industrial chain modernization, and formed strong support for the manufacturing industry to become bigger, stronger, and better.

As early as January 25, CCTV reported that as the social causes of the current round of the epidemic in Tianjin were cleared, in order to ensure the production of enterprises, Tianjin issued a series of policies and measures to ensure people's livelihood and stable operation. Five industrial chains, including automobiles, integrated circuits, new energy, green petrochemicals, and light textiles, are among the first to promote the resumption of work and production.

At present, the leading enterprises in the integrated circuit industry chain are making every effort to ensure production and rush progress. NXP Semiconductors (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is currently one of the largest integrated circuit packaging and testing companies in China in terms of scale and output value, mainly producing and selling automotive chips. After the outbreak, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology took the initiative to connect with enterprises, issue vehicle passes for enterprises, and coordinate with suppliers in Jinnan to ensure stable production of enterprises.

At SMIC Integrated Circuit Manufacturing (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., the relevant person in charge said that the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and the Xiqing District Government coordinated 34 vehicle passes for the company during the epidemic to ensure the transportation and supply of production materials, related process materials, etc. . It is understood that the output value of SMIC (Tianjin) will exceed 4 billion yuan in 2021, with a growth rate of over 30%. In March this year, the renovation of the expanded new plant will start, and trial production is planned in the third quarter, and the annual output value will further increase.

The Tianjin Bureau of Industry and Information Technology will continue to implement the emergency response mechanism, and special classes and industry chain personnel will make plans for the employment and transportation problems that may be encountered by continuous production and early start-up enterprises to ensure the smooth production and operation of enterprises.

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