Tianjin's key construction projects in 2022 are released

According to WeChat news, recently, Tianjin's key construction and key reserve projects in 2022 have been released. In 2022, 452 key construction projects and 224 key reserve projects will be arranged.

Here are some of the items:

Key construction projects

1. Technology and Industrial Innovation

  • Continued project:- National network information security product and service industry cluster carrying area high-tech zone electronic chip research and development platform infrastructure
  • New project:- Huawei Tianjin Regional Headquarters; 6-inch power semiconductor chip expansion project; Huahui Kerui optoelectronic chip industrialization project

2. Improvement of the industrial chain

Continued project:- SMIC T2 / T3 integrated circuit production line project; Zhonghuan leading semiconductor project; NXP test center and packaging production line expansion capacity project; Xinzhoubang semiconductor chemical and lithium battery material project; Kepu Optoelectronics material and device manufacturing base; Bohui Optoelectronic materials and device manufacturing base; Defeng packaging and testing chip project; Anwen Automotive Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. annual output of 20,000 electronic components project; Zhongxing High-end Equipment Industrial Park optoelectronic device manufacturing project;

Key Reserve Projects

Industrial chain improvement

Zhongjuxin Electronic Chemicals Project;- Yuanxu Semiconductor Integrated Display Chip and Module, UV Antivirus Chip and Module R&D and Industrialization Project; Qinghe Jingyuan Semiconductor Composite Substrate Project; R&D and Production of Integrated Circuit Materials in 46 Institutes of CETC Projects; Mitsui High-Tech (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. to expand integrated circuit lead frame production capacity and upgrade electroplating equipment technology investment project; Wafer bonding machine project; Xinruida Mini LED new display device industry base project; Instrumentation project.

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