Top 10 semiconductor buyers spend 25.2% more on chips in 2021

 Semiconductor shortages and the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted OEMs in 2021, but the largest OEMs saw chip spending increase by 25.2%. In total, the top ten companies accounted for 42.1% of all purchases. Such data are provided in the report by the analytical company Gartner.

"In 2021, semiconductor vendors shipped more chips, but OEM demand was much higher than vendors’ manufacturing capacity," said Masatsune Yamaji, director of research at Gartner.

Chip shortages have prevented OEMs from ramping up production of cars and various electronic equipment, including smartphones and game consoles. It also caused suppliers to significantly increase selling prices, causing OEMs to spend far more on semiconductor purchases than in previous years. Average prices for some chips in 2021 rose by 15% or more.

Apple remained the largest buyer of semiconductor products. It alone accounts for 11.7% of purchases. In absolute terms, this is 68.3 billion dollars. By comparison, Apple purchased $54.2 billion worth of semiconductor products in 2020, up 26.0%.

Second place, as in 2020, is occupied by Samsung, whose expenses grew by 28.5%. The South Korean giant purchased 7.8% of the total volume of semiconductor products released in 2021.

Lenovo moved up to the third place from fourth, spending 32.9% more on semiconductor products than in 2020. Lenovo's share in global purchases is 4.3%.

This is followed by BBK Electronics and Dell Technologies with 4.0% and 3.6%. The top ten also includes Xiaomi (3.0%), Huawei (2.6%), HP (2.4%), Hon Hai Precision (1.5%) and HPE (1.2%).

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