AMD RX 6400 desktop graphics card will be released to the DIY market

In January, AMD released two 6nm desktop graphics cards, the Radeon RX 6500 XT and Radeon RX 6400, targeting a 1080p gaming experience. The RX 6500 XT is now available with an official price of 1599 yuan, and the RX 6400 is available for the OEM market. 

According to VideoCardz, AMD plans to introduce the RX 6400 desktop graphics card to the DIY market, which may be available next month. It is currently uncertain whether the DIY model is exactly the same as the OEM version.

The RX 6500XT is equipped with Navi 24 GPU, 1024 stream processors, GPU frequency up to 2.6GHz, with 18 Gbps 4GB 64bit GDDR6 video memory. The current RX 6400 graphics card for OEMs is equipped with 768 stream processors (Radeon 680M core graphics specification) and 4GB 64bit GDDR6 video memory. The RX 6400 graphics card has a TDP of 53W and is currently the only graphics card from AMD that does not require an external power connector.

AMD may release three desktop graphics cards, the RX 6950XT, 6750XT and 6650XT next month, with upgraded memory speeds. The RX 6400 may be launched at the same time.

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