An employee of Samsung Electronics' foundry department was arrested for stealing confidential information

 According to multiple Korean media reports, Samsung Electronics is investigating an employee of the DS foundry department for information leakage. The employee was allegedly working from home and was suspected of accessing secure (confidential) company data, such as electronic documents, and taking screenshots with his phone. This is very easy to suspect when you are about to leave the company.

Samsung has not confirmed whether confidential data has been leaked. A senior executive at Samsung Electronics said that "a security breach did occur" and that "investigations are ongoing." After investigation, the employee admitted that he took photos of relevant sensitive information through his mobile phone.

At present, the employee has been arrested, and Samsung is cooperating with the government to continue to investigate the matter. "The person is under investigation for violating information protection rules," a Samsung spokesman said, "but it is unclear what type of information was stolen and whether the person handed it over to a third party."

It's unclear what level of security the employee was trying to steal the data with, or whether he had leaked the classified information to a competitor. Korean media pointed out that according to the "Industrial Technology Protection Law" if there is a possibility of leakage of data belonging to state secrets, the company will report to relevant agencies such as the National Intelligence Agency.

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