Android 13 is optimized for PC computers

Google is finally starting to pay attention to Android on big-screen devices, with the recent Android 12 L update (also known as Android 12.1) adding a taskbar and updated page layouts for tablets and foldable, and now Android 13 builds on it with new interface tweaks specifically for Android systems running on desktops and laptops.

Android systems are not very common on PCs, with the exception of embedded operating systems on Chrome OS and Windows, which usually hide much of the system design. That doesn't stop Google from making some improvements to the PC experience with Android 13, though. The app taskbar, introduced in Android 12L, now has a new button on the right that can be used to open the notification panel and quick settings.

Also, Android 13 on PC still has a status bar at the top of the screen that also opens quick settings and notifications.

Android 13 Developer Preview 2 will also open all apps in free multi-window mode by default, rather than stretching them to cover the entire screen. Multi-window support has been present in Android since the release of Android 7.0 Nougat, but opening an app in multi-window mode still requires turning it on via developer options or setting the home screen launcher to a third-party app like the taskbar.

The new changes will definitely help running Android on PCs, and hopefully, these design elements will eventually make their way to larger tablets as well.

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