Apple's official data: M1 Ultra beats i9-12900K / RTX 3090 with extremely low power consumption

Apple released the M1 Ultra chip, through the UltraFusion packaging architecture, two M1 Max "stick" together, integrating 114 billion transistors, the specifications have reached 20-core CPU, 64 core graphics processor, and 32-core neural network engine. In the performance introduction, Apple directly compared the M1 Ultra chip with Intel's flagship processor i9-12900K and Nvidia's flagship graphics card RTX 3090.

First, in terms of CPU performance, Apple compared the M1 Ultra to an i9-12900K + DDR5 system. Apple claims that the M1 Ultra consumes 100 watts less power when reaching the peak performance of the i9-12900K chip; around the power consumption of the i9-12900K, the performance improves by as much as 90%. It should be noted that Apple says the performance results are measured using a specific industry-standard benchmark, but it has not announced what kind of benchmark.

In terms of GPU performance, Apple compared the M1 Ultra to a system of i9-12900K + DDR5 memory + RTX 3090. Apple claims that the M1 Ultra's 64-core graphics processor runs faster than the RTX 3090 while consuming 200 watts less power. Again, the performance results were measured using certain industry standard benchmarks, which are not disclosed as benchmarks.

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